Uber vs Designated Drivers: Which is More Reliable in Vancouver?

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The ride-sharing app known as Uber has generated plenty of attention, and a fair share of controversy, over the years since it was started. It makes it easy to use your smartphone to connect with a registered driver in the area who will pick you up and take you to a preset destination. While there is plenty of conveniences getting around this way and paying for your rides through the app, you may be surprised to learn how little Uber has to offer compared with a reliable designated driving service like Safe Designated Drivers. Below, we have prepared a brief comparison of the two services to give you a better idea about which one is more reliable in a city like Vancouver.


Who is Uber?

Uber isn’t really a new version of a taxi company. All Uber really does is facilitate the interaction and transaction of a ride through their app. With that in mind, we can start to understand why this service may be less reliable than a designated driver. When there is so little accountability among drivers, can consumers be surprised when they don’t always get what they expected from such a service?


Who is a Designated Driver?

Unlike an Uber rideshare service, a designated driver is someone who will be completely dedicated to getting you, the customer, wherever you need to go safely. In Vancouver, this designated driver service can be much more convenient and reliable than trying to track down an Uber because this driver is dedicated to you and no one else for the agreed-upon time period. A designated driver is someone you can rely on to be there when you need them. They agree not to drink or use drugs while driving on your behalf, and that guarantee is backed by the driving service. Furthermore, a designated driver will take you home or wherever you need to go in your own car.


What can I use a designated driver for?

Whether you have been drinking, just got out of the hospital, or even if you don’t want a friend or relative to drive after drinking, a designated driver is the service you can rely on. At Safe Designated Drivers, we offer one of Vancouver’s most reliable designated driver services. We can not only ensure you get home safely, but we will also get your car home too. That helps you avoid the hassle of having to go pick up your car the next morning. In a city like Vancouver, where parking fines can get ridiculously steep, that service is definitely worth considering instead of Uber.


Major Difference Between Uber and Safe Designated Driver


Comparison table: https://discreetdesignateddriver.com/when-to-choose-uber-vs-designated-driver/


Who Should I Choose?

In the end, it really depends on what you need at the moment. Planning ahead with a Safe Designated Driver can be a lot more convenient and reliable, but for last-minute rides you might still consider using an Uber.

Keep in mind however that a designated driving service is usually just a quick call away, so if you want to make sure you, your loved ones and friends, and your own vehicle all get home safely in one piece, it is best to rely on the Vancouver designated driving services from Safe Designated Drivers.

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