Should There Be a Toll for Cars Entering Downtown and Central Broadway?

extra toll fee is planning for downtown Vancouver

Toll roads: it’s a topic that both urban planners and commuters alike love to debate. While some may claim that charging cars that enter a city is the solution to solving endless congestion, there are just as many who insist that it can have the exact opposite effect.   The fact that Vancouver suffers from congestion is nothing new and … Read More

How to Drive in the Snow in Vancouver?

drive safely in the snow or your can book designated driver in Vancouver

Generally speaking, snow and vehicles do not go well together. As anyone with any degree of driving experience knows, even a modest snowfall can make driving safely a challenge. Not only do ice roads increase the chances of your car swerving, but snowfall and icy temperatures can also seriously affect visibility and, as a result, reaction time.   While many … Read More