5 Advantages of Hiring a Designated Driver in Vancouver

Image of professional driver opening door for customer

There are so many things we hope to do but don’t want to or can’t do because we have to drive. Whether it’s because of intoxication, exhaustion, or just not feeling like driving, having a professional chauffeur drive your car for you can help in a myriad of ways. This is especially true for car owners who enjoy showing off … Read More

The Origin Story of Our Designated Driver Service

Image of car keys and handcuffs on bar with alcohol behind them

Everyone needs a designated driver at some point. It’s one of the most reliable, safe, and affordable ways to get home at the end of the night. While you and your group of friends may take turns being the sober driver of the evening, a designated driver service allows you to let loose without the stress of arranging transportation. And … Read More

Cannabis and Canada: What Are the Driving Laws in 2022?

Image of car keys placed near a marijuana leaf

Weed is legal in Canada. There’s nothing stopping you – except if you’re underage – from having a fun night with your friends, blazing up and having a laugh. Or perhaps you use cannabis for health reasons and pain relief, in which case, it’s a great way to help your body relax and rest. No matter your reasoning, Canadian laws … Read More

Prevent Drunk Driving After Office Holiday Parties

Image of holiday office party with coworkers exchanging gifts

The holidays are approaching and with that comes an onslaught of parties, events, and late nights. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or coworkers, there’s bound to be food, festivities, and boozy drinks galore throughout the holiday season. While it’s a time to bask in merriment and joy, the holiday season brings about the sobering fact that drinking and driving … Read More

Say Goodbye to Impaired Driving

Image of alcoholic beverage on table with a set of car keys sitting next to it.

Do you get stressed during your nights out? With a little bit of planning, evenings with your friends and family can be made stress-free. Long gone are the days where you’re stuck at a bar, wondering how you’re going to get you and your car home safely. With our local Vancouver designated driver service, there’s no reason for you to … Read More

Staying Safe During Halloween with Designated Drivers

image of children trick or treating

Spooky season is among us. Along with the annual trick-or-treaters, comes the boozy Halloween parties. While kids prioritize candy collection, many adults choose to celebrate this holiday with a few drinks. Whether you’re partying at a friend’s house, club, or haunted mansion, it’s your responsibility to find a safe way home. Since Halloween parties can get rowdy quick, why not … Read More

Have a Safe Summer with Designated Driving

visual image of keys being passed to car's driver

Hot weather in Vancouver calls for summertime festivities. With the sunshine beating down and the COVID-19 restrictions coming to a long-awaited end, now is the time to enjoy BBQs, pool days, and drinks by the beach. As many summertime events call for a few drinks here and there, it’s important to plan ahead and drink responsibly. Luckily, there are ways … Read More

The Hidden Costs of “Over-Parking” in Vancouver

Image of busy street parking

Parking in Vancouver can be a nightmare. Whether it’s the scramble to find a spot near your destination, squeezing into that tight parallel spot, or remembering to top up the meter before it runs out, parking is usually a hassle. You can forgo this stress by using our designated driver service in Vancouver, Safe Designated Drivers. Get home safely, quickly, … Read More

Teleoperations and Self-Driving Vehicles: The Future of Automation

Learn about the six levels of designated driver teleoperation vehicles

The roads can be a dangerous place. Due to an overwhelming number of external factors, such as the weather, unforeseen roadblocks, and human error, steps are needed to increase road safety. One of the greatest contributions to this shift for safer roads is the advancement of autonomous vehicle teleportation. What is Autonomous Vehicle Teleoperation? Teleoperations is a technical term that … Read More