10 Worst Driving Habits

text while driving is dangerous and it is a bad habit to have

We all make mistakes while driving — we are only human, after all. However, there is a difference between an occasional driver misstep and chronic habits that are downright dangerous and hard to shake. In this article, we will go over the 10 worst driving habits on the road and the ways in which they can be dangerous.   Top … Read More

Should There Be a Toll for Cars Entering Downtown and Central Broadway?

extra toll fee is planning for downtown Vancouver

Toll roads: it’s a topic that both urban planners and commuters alike love to debate. While some may claim that charging cars that enter a city is the solution to solving endless congestion, there are just as many who insist that it can have the exact opposite effect.   The fact that Vancouver suffers from congestion is nothing new and … Read More

How to Drive in the Snow in Vancouver?

drive safely in the snow or your can book designated driver in Vancouver

Generally speaking, snow and vehicles do not go well together. As anyone with any degree of driving experience knows, even a modest snowfall can make driving safely a challenge. Not only do ice roads increase the chances of your car swerving, but snowfall and icy temperatures can also seriously affect visibility and, as a result, reaction time.   While many … Read More

How Long After Smoking Cannabis is it Safe to Drive?

if you have marijuanas, please dont drive when you high please contact impaired driver in Vancouver

Important: it is never advisable to drive while you are under the influence of any substance. Ensure that you have a safety plan ready in the event that your judgement is impacted by drug or alcohol use.   Ever since its legalization in 2017, Canadians have had many questions about how to safely use cannabis while enjoying their regular life … Read More

How Many Drivers are Impaired in Canada?

dont be an impaired driver in vancouver, whether drugs or alcohol

Impaired driving is a problem that can potentially affect all of us at some point. Whether we are directly impacted by the issue, or someone close to us is, the negative effects of impaired driving are far-reaching, and potentially life-changing in a negative way. In fact, impaired driving of any kind is the leading criminal cause of death and injury … Read More

5 Benefits of Hiring a Chauffeur Service

Businesswomen has chauffeur service in Vancouver

Getting around a busy city like Vancouver is actually pretty simple if you know who to rely on to get you where you want to go. At Safe Designated Drivers, we take pride in offering safe, friendly, convenient and luxurious transport for each of our clients. We are dedicated to making sure you get a safe and reliable ride, and … Read More

Uber vs Designated Drivers: Which is More Reliable in Vancouver?

A photo of Vancouver designed driver is driving female passenger.

The ride-sharing app known as Uber has generated plenty of attention, and a fair share of controversy, over the years since it was started. It makes it easy to use your smartphone to connect with a registered driver in the area who will pick you up and take you to a preset destination. While there is plenty of conveniences getting … Read More

How to Lodge a Complaint About Taxi Service in BC?

An icon of taxi services report

Getting where you need to go safely and in a reasonable time shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you choose to ride in a taxi, or if you prefer a ride share service, you should never feel unsafe or uneasy during your ride. Unfortunately, there are some instances where passengers don’t get the basic standard of service they can typically expect … Read More

3 Situations When You Need a Designated Driver

designated driver vancouver

Having a designated driver on hand who is ready to get you where you need to go safely is only half the battle. The other half is knowing when it is time to have the designated driver pick you up. Below you’ll find 3 common situations to avoid where you will need a designated driver. When the time comes, be … Read More

TOP BC Cities With Impaired Drivers 

top BC cities for impaired driving

There is always that turning point every year when the season changes and it officially seems like all the fall holidays are coming up quick. This means parties, food, and for many, merriment and drinks. With those drinks comes an increase of drunk drivers on the roads, which means more accidents and fatalities. MADD estimates “between 1,250 and 1,500 people … Read More