Senior Transportation Services

Senior Transportation Services

At Safe Drivers, we recognize the importance of supporting our senior community in British Columbia. Although there are a variety of transportation options available for seniors living in the community, nothing feels quite as good as traveling independently. As such, our local organizations offer safe and secure senior transportation services so that seniors are able to travel and pursue their daily activities on their own time, in their own vehicle. Whether it's medical appointments, family visits, or just a desire to walk in the park, our senior transportation services allow all people to continue to live independently, even into old age.

Public transit can be unsafe, unhygienic, and not always friendly to older adults. Waiting for a family member, friend, or caregiver to drive you can feel disempowering. Taxis can be expensive and allusive. Luckily, our senior transportation program in Vancouver allows seniors to continue to drive safely and on their own time.

Although receiving a ride from friends and caregivers can be a wonderful experience, too, sometimes it's nice to be able to do what you want, when you want. We believe being able to navigate your world independently well into old age is key to living a long and happy life.

If you have an elder in your life that you think could benefit from our assistance, feel free to pass along our phone number, we'd be happy to hop on a call!

Senior Transportation Services in Vancouver

COVID-19: Vaccination

If an older adult in your life is looking to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccination and is looking for assistance and transportation options, we have resources available. The health of our elders is of top priority and we offer safe and accessible options rides for seniors to medical appointments to and from their appointments.

How senior transportation service works

But how does this service work? We offer services across Vancouver--from West Vancouver to Mission and everywhere in between. If you're concerned about location, give us a call to confirm.

1 Step

Clients contact our toll-free number to book a pickup 4 days in advance of their appointment.

2 Step

If the client is new, we'll ask them a few additional questions during this initial phone call.

3 Step

Pickup will then be arranged and confirmed over the phone.

4 Step

Any cancellation requires a phone call as soon as possible.

    Service Area

    We service a variety of areas in both Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. From West Vancouver to Mission and Abbotsford and everywhere in between. We go as far north as Horseshoe Bay, Grouse Mountain, Anmore, and Belcarra, and as far south as the US border!

    We most likely have you covered, but if you want to confirm, feel free to give us a call at 604-566-1564.


    We have no running meter for driving seniors to appointments, and cost is based on a pre-agreed upon distance.

    • From 0-5 kilometres, we charge $6.40.
    • From 5.1-10 kilometres, we charge $10.40.
    • From 10.1-15 kilometres, we charge $15.10.
    • From 15.1-20 kilometres, we charge $18.50.
    • From 20.1-25 kilometres, we charge $22.65.
    • Over 25.1 kilometres? We charge $1.05/kilometre.

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