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Road safety is something that we should all be aware of and committed to upholding at all times. With so many cars on the road, and so many possible distractions that can lead to deadly collisions, it is important to always be alert and aware while operating any type of motor vehicle. If at any time, you feel that driving your vehicle isn’t the safest course of action, it is not only wise to seek another way home, it is the safest decision you can possibly make for yourself, as well as the other people who share the road. Since we started our company, Safe Designated Drivers has been dedicated to ensuring that drivers in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland stay as safe as possible. We are always happy to accept calls at late hours to come pick up clients who choose not to get behind the wheel, and hopefully as people become more aware of the dangers and penalties associated with impaired driving, the amount of injuries and fatalities seen each year in BC will continue to decline. Learn more about our Driver Services below.

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Designated Driver Service

Vancouver has a great night life, and while there are lots of fun places to see and things to do, no amount of fun can make up for a drunk driving charge, or worse, being involved in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver. Unfortunately due to this fact, we sometimes have to choose between not drinking and driving yourself home at the end of the night, or the extra expense of a cab or ride share service. Not to mention having to wait for your ride to show up at the end of the night when you just want to be home already! Thanks to Safe Designated Drivers however, you can enjoy your night as much as you want without having to worry about how you and your friends will get home safely. Instead of having to wait around for a cab, give us a call the next time you need someone else to do the driving. You can also avoid the wait by pre-booking your driver service online via our website. Driving under the influence or getting into a car with a drunk driver is never an option when it comes to getting home safely, so be sure to call Safe Designated Drivers the next time you have a few too many and need a reliable driver to get you and your car home safely.

Business Driving Service

When it comes to coordinating designated drivers for business events or parties, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone gets access to a designated driver when they need one. At Safe Designated Drivers, we are fully prepared to handle group or business events that involve alcohol, so you can be sure that everyone who attends will arrive home safely after the event is over. In addition to our group business services, we offer convenient pick up services for corporate clients at places like the Vancouver airport, so you can rest assured that your clients or employees will easily be able to stick to a schedule without having to worry about the driving!

Business Driver


Everyday Errand


Everyday Errands

At Safe Designated Drivers, we know its not just businesses and impaired drivers who need a lift every now and then. We operate our driving services throughout the daytime, seven days a week, which means we can certainly help you take care of personal errands if you require assistance with transport. Feel free to leave the driving to us anytime when it comes to getting picked up or dropped off at the airport, or when you need to take your car into the mechanic for repairs. We are also happy to help get elderly drivers to and from doctors appointments, and we will even help you get to and from the hospital if you are undergoing same-day surgery, or any procedure that will make it difficult to drive afterwards. When it comes to getting our clients safely around Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland, Safe Designated Drivers offers far more than just a sober ride home!

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