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Selling a vehicle is a daunting task. From getting your car appraised to taking high quality photos to writing and posting the ad, the whole process can be a massive headache! As an alternative, allow us to represent you and your car. As an auto concierge service, we take care of everything.

Our auto concierge service includes appraising your car, detailing, providing high quality imagery, writing a captivating ad, and marketing your vehicle to our extensive network of car buyers. Instead of checking your phone constantly while you balance the rest of your work, we'll be the ones providing our contact information and managing all communication and negotiations. Tags, title work, and international shipping is also handled by our staff, making out of province purchases far easier and increasing your visibility to potential buyers beyond the local market. There is little to no work on your end. We'll handle it all.

Of course, the sale of your vehicle is no small matter. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a safe home for your vehicle in the meantime. All potential customers will meet with our concierge assistant by appointment on your behalf. As part of our concierge services, you will be kept up to date on all the happenings regarding the sale of your vehicle, or as much as desired. We offer full transparency during the selling and negotiation of your vehicle and will keep you in the loop as much as you want.

When it comes to our auto concierge service, we're confident we'll be able to get your car an increase in market response in no time.

Best Auto Concierge Service in Vancouver

Auto dealer management

Instead of spending hours responding to texts, calls, and emails that may or may not lead to sales, allow our car buying concierge to manage the communication and negotiation of your vehicle. We'll act as your personal assistant, tracking interest and matching your car with the perfect customers, providing excellent customer experience while we're at it.

Buying and selling auto concierge services

Most people are happy to wipe their hands of their car as seamlessly as possible. Because of this, we also offer car buying concierge services that are extremely convenient if you're not looking to sell the car yourself. We'll purchase the car off of you, transfer the ownership, and you won't hear from us again!

Vehicle servicing and maintenance

We also offer a variety of car servicing and maintenance options in preparation for selling your vehicle. Whether you're looking to clean, fix, or tune up your vehicle, we offer a variety of services that will have your car looking like a new vehicle in no time.

Driving services

With our electronic vehicle tracking system, we're able to keep track of your vehicle, whenever and wherever it is in Vancouver, British Columbia, or Canada.

Vehicle storage

With our indoor, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facilities, your vehicle will be kept secure. Our auto concierge will meet with potential buyers on your behalf by appointment on both weekdays and weekends, so you don't have to do any of the work.

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