How to Lodge a Complaint About Taxi Service in BC?

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Getting where you need to go safely and in a reasonable time shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you choose to ride in a taxi, or if you prefer a ride share service, you should never feel unsafe or uneasy during your ride. Unfortunately, there are some instances where passengers don’t get the basic standard of service they can typically expect from a ride in a taxi. In these cases, it can be difficult to know what steps to take to communicate any dissatisfaction, and how exactly to complain against the taxi drivers. To help you navigate what can be a confusing process, take a look at some of the tips listed below on how to lodge a complaint about taxi services in BC.

The Extent of the Taxi Service Complaints

First and foremost, passengers should be aware of their rights and the actions they can take depending on the situation. For simple taxi service complaints or disagreements, there is a specific process that can be followed to ensure the complaint is heard and acted upon. For more serious issues with taxi services such as reporting dangerous or impaired driving, passengers shouldn’t hesitate to contact the police directly by dialling 911.

In other instances, especially those that do not require any emergency services or law enforcement, passengers can direct their initial complaints to the taxi service. Once the cab company has been notified of the issue, a customer can then determine whether or not to report the problem to a regulatory agency.

  1. In BC, people can contact Consumer Protection via telephone at 1-888-564-9963, or they can fill out an online complaint form and submit it via Consumer Protection BC’s website.
  2. After you have made your complaint with them, they will contact you with details about which agency will be able to act upon your complaint.
  3. Finally, you can directly email the Passenger Transportation Branch of BC’s transport ministry with details about your complaint and have them take the next steps to address the issue.

No matter which method you choose, it is important to note the following when lodging your complaint about a taxi service. Be sure to include details about the taxi company name, the driver’s name and the taxi number. You should also be as specific as possible when describing what exactly happened and where and when the incident took place. These types of details can be extremely beneficial when assessing the seriousness and validity of your complaint.

Know Your Rights

As a passenger, you are entitled to a certain number of rights whenever you make use of a taxi service for transportation. Some major rights to be aware of include:

  • the right to choose the route taken and to expect the most efficient route to your destination. You also cannot be refused service based on things like the length of your trip
  • the method of payment you mean to use (as long as it is accepted by the taxi company’s payment policy).

Knowing these rights can not only help you complain against taxi drivers, but they can be helpful when dealing with a difficult situation as a passenger in a cab.

Taking the proper steps to file a complaint about a taxi service will not only help you be heard by the proper oversight agencies, it will also help hold cab services to a high industry standard.

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