How to Pre Plan A Safe Ride

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No matter the season, no matter the occasion, it is never ok to drive impaired. And yet, impaired driving continues to be a life-threatening hazard on BC roads.

As summer turns to fall and the holiday season draws near, it is important to make sure you are prepared ahead of time in order to stay safe on the roads, and to keep others safe, too.

Here are some tips in pre-planning a safe ride in order to avoid impaired driving.

Call ahead

Safe Designated Drivers and similar companies are a great way to stay safe but of course there is a limit to how many people are available at once. Especially during the holidays, we book up on busy nights, so plan to call ahead. As soon as it’s looking like you’re going to have one drink too many and you still have your vehicle, or if you’re partaking in some impromptu after work drinks, call and book! Don’t wait until the very last minute because you might be stuck waiting a while.

Take DIY turns

It’s not fair to lay all the designated driving on just one member of the party, so why not rotate duties? This way, you have someone scheduled ahead of time, everyone can partake in the fun and no one gets resentful.

Watch the clock

If you are planning on taking transit to and from your event, make sure you know when the last train or bus leaves. There is nothing worse seeing the tail lights of the last bus disappearing into the night, knowing your options for getting home in an affordable manner just became severely limited. Set a reminder on your phone so that you know when to start packing it in, and give yourself ample time to get to the stop in case transit is early.

BCAA Safe Ride

Not everyone is aware that their BCAA membership comes with one free safe ride home per year. It is subject to some weather and distance restrictions, and it is not available to get your vehicle home if you have already been pulled over by the police.

Take a taxi

If you live anywhere in the Lower Mainland and are trying to get a taxi on a rainy day or basically any day from mid November to January 2, you are going to need a combo of luck and smarts. The volume of taxis is woefully inadequate, especially those that live farther out, but sometimes taxis are your only option. If it seems like your night is going to get away from you, try to position yourself so that you’re not waiting for hours trying to flag down a cab.

Cut yourself off and wait it out

It can be hard for some but there is just no excuse to drive impaired so don’t risk it. Don’t order that extra drink if you know you have to drive, drink water and order some food. Then wait it out, and wait some more. If you are impaired, do not get behind the wheel. With all the check stops and other drivers on the roads, you are risking too much if you drive impaired in BC.

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