Vancouver’s Taxi Horror Stories

horror taxi stories in vancouver

If you want to get people in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland fired up and angry, ask them if they have any taxi horror stories. Almost everyone has experienced a nightmare situation while trying to snag a ride in a taxi.

We all know that with no taxi alternatives in the city and a limited fleet of licensed drivers and cars, the ones who suffer the most are the customers. And all they want is a safe ride home!

If you live in Vancouver, these might sound familiar. Here are some of the most common types of taxi horror stories.

Won’t leave Vancouver

If you live outside of Vancouver, in Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, or heaven forbid, White Rock, you have probably encountered some difficulty convincing a taxi driver to take you all the way home. Some taxi drivers simply refuse to drive outside of city limits and won’t let paying customers into their vehicles if they request a ride past Boundary.

Not that there are any alternatives out there! If you have come into Vancouver for whatever reason and miss catching the limited public transit home, you might be one of the countless people who has had to beg and plead (and often be denied) a taxi ride because it is too far.

Taxis don’t show up

You called or used the app and booked a taxi. You have received confirmation that a car will be there in 15 minutes. 30 minutes later, you are now late for your engagement and there is no car in sight.

You call back and get told that a car has come and gone (it hasn’t) or that they didn’t receive your request (even though they confirmed that they did). You have to start the process again and hope for the best because there are no taxi alternatives.

Pass you by

It is late and cold and rainy and you have been standing on the sidewalk trying to flag a cab but for some inexplicable reason they keep passing you by. Good luck if it’s holiday party season — chances of flagging a taxi are essentially nil.

“Cash only”

One of the great things about the 21st century is that everywhere accepts credit cards. Few people keep cash on them these days for exactly that reason. But every now and again, a taxi driver will claim that they only accept cash. And since there are probably a hundred other people vying for your coveted taxi ride, people are often forced to stop and get cash or give up their spot.

We could go on but you get the picture.

One thing we didn’t touch on was the safety, or lack of it, of customers — people are simply looking for a safe ride home. We know plenty of people, young men and women, who are forced to wander for hours (actually) through unsafe parts of downtown in hopes of finding a taxi to take them home.

Visitors to this city are often aghast that there are so taxi alternatives, since everywhere else in the world is functioning just fine with other options available. Taxi alternatives are the safest solution for people, and it’s time Vancouver caught up with the rest of the world.

This is why we started our company, to ensure you and your vehicle arrive home safely. So the next time you’re out avoid all the Taxi Nightmares and call us for a Safe Ride Home!

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